Planes de Hosting

Los legendarios planes de hosting multiuso. Panel de control cPanel, Soporte sin igual. 30 Días de Garantía

Business Plus

Your business will have the best current technology on high performance servers. Your resources are isolated and allocated for your account to improve reliability and that noisy neighbors do not affect you. You also have Mailchannels anti-spam protection that ensures that every email you send always arrives at its destination. Includes backup copies, green SSL card to protect your email at airports and public sites as well as monitoring your site so it always loads fast.


Your Junior plan is ideal for start-up companies or small businesses. Its resources make your customers always load your site fast. It also has backup copies, SSL certifier and antivirus protection of Firewall Enterprise, a licensed system that prevents all types of attacks and intrusion attempts.


Your personal plan is ideal to start, it comes with basic functionalities but also with our step-by-step help to get started. Accounts with emails, backup copies and the renowned cpanel control panel to manage. In addition to a license from our builder Dongee to develop your website easily and in a short time.